• Omron CJ1M Modular PLC

Omron CJ1M Modular PLC

    Brand: OMRON


The Omron CJ1M PLC is the smallest member of the CJ1 PLC family. Fully upward compatible with the CJ1G/H and CS1 series regarding instruction set, communication commands and memory organisation. With the CJ1M, even small machines can be built in a consistently modular way, reducing the cost to enhance, expand or customise machines without a complete redesign of the main control system.

Main Features:

  • Entry-level modular PLC, compatible with CJ1G/H-series
  • CPUs with built-in pulse I/O for fast and easy motion control, or with Ethernet interface for easy integration
  • IEC 61131-3 Structured Text programming, extensive function block libraries
  • Transparent communication routing through different networks
  • Compact Flash memory card slot for data storage and program exchange

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