• Omron CPM2A (Universal Machine Controller)

Omron CPM2A (Universal Machine Controller)

    Brand: OMRON


The Omron CPM2A, CPU comes equipped with an RS-232C interface as a standard to provide easy connection to a programmable terminal for fast and easy machine monitoring, setpoint adjustment etc. The Omron CMP2A provides simple positioning with pulse I/O functions. Removable terminal blocks ensure easy maintenance. The CPM2A uses the same expansion I/O units as the CPM1A for easy and economical sharing of system components.

Main Features:

  • Real-time clock function
    20 to 60 digital I/O with removable terminal blocks
  • 20 kHz counter input, two 10 kHz pulse outputs integrated
  • Two communication ports built-in, freely accessible
  • Digital, analog, and fieldbus expansion units

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