About Us

Welcome to Trustech Electrical Automation Sdn. Bhd.

We are one of the electrical automation solution providers in Southeast Asia with our Industrial Automation.Since inception in year 2005, TRUSTECH ELECTRICAL AUTOMATION SDN BHD. has established itself as an active automation Product Distributors and providing Automation solution,Electrical solution and Application for Manufacturing industries & Machine OEM.

We are specialize in:-
  • PLC Programing, Inverters & Motors
  • Electrical Power & Control System
  • Electrical, Electronic & PneumaticTest & Measuring Equipments
  • PCB Board Repairing
  • Heaters, Thermocouples & Controllers
  • Vision System Equipments / Products
  • Marine & Offshore Equipment / Products

Fibreoptic Sensors

Fiber Unit Variations
  • All fiber units are available for same-day shipment
  • Hex- shaped, tough, & guarded
  • Flat head ( with mounting hole)
  • High Flexibility
  • High temperature
  • Chemical resistant

Fiberoptic Sensors

Digital Fiber Optic Sensors
  • Automatic sensitivity tracking function ( World's first)
  • World's most powerful beam - MEGA Power
  • 64 times more powerful beam than conventional models
  • Stable detection in harsh environments
  • Dual digital display for user - friendly calibration 

Photoelectric Sensors

Digital CMOS Laser Sensors
  • Unaffected by colour
  • The DATUM detection enables reliable detection of any target placed outside the reference plane
  • Long-range: 1,000 mm 39.37"
  • IP67 Sensor head

Fiberoptic Sensors

Line System Fiber Sensor Amplifiers
  • Widest lineup in the industry
  • The FS-V/T/M Series consists of various types of finer sensors that can be incorporated into the 1- line systems
  • Easy- to - see Dual digital display

Fiberoptic Sensors

Fiber Photoelectric Sensors
  • Eight rotation trimmer for easy sensitivity setting 
  • High - speed response as short as 50ms


Detection principle
The GV uses triangulation to obtain the position of a target within a certain range. Laser light strikes a target and is reflected back through lenses onto the GV CMOS receiver. 


Stable detection and high-speed response.Newly developed GV CMOS
The pixels in the GV CMOS receiver are wider, resulting in an overall increase in received light.The benefit are increased sensing speed and stability.


The GV records the pixel position of the received laser spot, converts the data into a relative measurement and outputs the value to its bright LED display.Since the CMOS receiver has multiple pixels, GV has the ability to learn a " pattern" of received light, and not simply a quantity.


Unlike conventional photodiode receivers which contain a single detecting element, the CMOS is an array containing many elements. The increase in receiving elements allows the CMOS to process more information, resulting in more reliable sensing.

Amplifier Unit

Wire-saving structure
Enable to connected up to four units
  • The power is supplies through the side connector when connecting expansion units. This saves two wires per unit ( power +,-)
  • The GV Series' amplifiers cannot be connected with other sensors.
  • Not compatible with the DL series.


Shows the detection state at a glance